What came in the secrets of local newspapers?

What came in the secrets of local newspapers?
What came in the secrets of local newspapers?


An Arab diplomat did not rule out Egypt and Saudi Arabia joining the Russian-Iranian-Turkish-Syrian Astana Quartet to set a timetable for the tripartite dismantling of militias, the withdrawal of foreign forces, and the return of the displaced in parallel with Saudi-Western negotiation on the file, with the exception of the return of the displaced and reconstruction from sanctions.

A diplomatic source said that the invitation of the Ukrainian president to the Arab summit was accompanied by two presidential messages to the summit from the Russian and Chinese presidents without any similar message from any Western president. Is the matter related to a Saudi role in mediating in the Ukraine war, Western objection to it and Eastern encouragement under the umbrella of the Chinese initiative?

home call:

A prominent party is making an effort with the Syrian authorities to reduce transit fees on Lebanese trucks that cross Syria on their way to Arab countries.

It was found that the transportation allowance decrees caused a differentiation in the transportation allowance for workers in the public sector, so that workers in public institutions are now subject to the daily transportation allowance in force in the private sector, i.e. 250,000 pounds instead of the temporary daily transportation compensation for workers in the public sector, which is set at 450,000 pounds. .

A number of partisan liberal professions offices called for coordination with each other to ensure that any violation by independent personalities or from civil society of the membership elections and the position of president in the Bar Association is prevented, against the background of the debate over freedom of media appearance.


The owner of one of the largest supermarket networks in Beirut says that the payment has become 70 percent in US dollars, compared to 30 percent in Lebanese pounds, which means that the dollar is abundant.

A former minister said that after meeting the former minister, Suleiman Franjieh, he felt that the latter was speaking as if he had come around the corner from Baabda Palace, and that he was waiting for a soon development.

The movement returned to the municipal line in a timid manner, awaiting what will be issued by the Constitutional Council as a result of the appeals submitted against the extension, with some optimism that it will happen in late summer.


Major General:


to whisper
According to information from ministerial sources, the status of the Governor of the Banque du Liban weighs heavily on officials, especially in terms of what follows it.

It was reported that communication between a prominent party and an allied movement (formerly) is taking place away from the limelight, and will not be revealed unless a direct solution takes place.

A European country is putting pressure on well-known personalities not to break the prestige of its judiciary in a sensitive matter.


It was found that the failure to issue a circular from the Banque du Liban to control and organize withdrawals from banks, as recommended by the government on April 18, was caused by the refusal of two members of the Central Council, and for personal reasons, to approve the issuance of the circular.

Follow-up sources asked about the reasons for the expansion of a “tri-national” businessman in his business in Lebanon, and whether this was related to certain aspirations or agendas?

A political reference was surprised how some are calling for a great merit session and at the same time openly disrupting the session!


* Fall of the date
A new date has fallen from the calendar of the expected stations for the release of the new president, and there are no serious indications imminent.

* Awaiting resolution
My life file is harmful to the environment and health, waiting for a decision soon before the disaster strikes.