“Shabu abuse is a turning point for crimes.” A recovering drug addict tells his story

“Shabu abuse is a turning point for crimes.” A recovering drug addict tells his story
“Shabu abuse is a turning point for crimes.” A recovering drug addict tells his story


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Published in: May 12, 2023: 11:53 AM GST
Last updated: May 12, 2023: 01:57 PM GST

“Money has been depleted…and health has deteriorated.” With these words, a recovering drug abuser described his condition when he was released from prison, after he was forced to sell drugs in large quantities, to recover after receiving the necessary treatment from Al-Irada Hospital in Riyadh, and he is now in full mental and physical health.

The person recovering from drug abuse, who refused to be named, said in an exclusive interview with Al-Arabiya.net: “The beginning of my journey with drug abuse was when I was in my teens, as the beginning was with the experience of Captagon pills, and it was the beginning of the end, after that I continued to use this toxic substance until I became addicted to it, and as a result of the lack of money, I saved large quantities to sell to drug users, until I was arrested and put in prison.”

He also continued his speech: When I was imprisoned in a Saudi prison, I got to know criminals and smugglers there, and when I got out, I went back and used drugs until it brought me back to point zero. They gave me one of the solutions that included giving me a quantity of drugs to sell and benefit from a free drug.”

Shabu.. and committing crimes

He added: “After I continued on the drug Captagon, it became ineffective, as a result of my addiction to it, at that time I decided to try another type of drug when I met a classmate after a break of 7 years, who offered me the idea of ​​​​trying the narcotic (shabu), so it was the turning point for committing crime and social and health problems.


And he declared during his speech: After we continued to use the substance Shabu, my friend’s health and psychological condition deteriorated until he was admitted to a hospital (Shahar) as a result of the negative effects of this dangerous substance. At that time, a friend helped me by registering a medical appointment at Irada Hospital in Riyadh, where I received treatment for detoxification and adjustment. Behavior, a program that helped me modify behavior and find out how serious this disease is.


Captagon pills (archives – France Press)

Most drug related to crime

For his part, the leader of addiction medicine at the Saudi Ministry of Health, consultant psychiatrist and addiction medicine, Dr. Hassan Khabrani, confirmed that methamphetamine (shabu) is one of the narcotic substances most closely related to crimes, according to the report of the Poison Control Center and Forensic Chemistry in the United States in 2016.

He explained, in one of the local studies in the city of Jeddah, it was found that deaths related to methamphetamine amounted to 4.8% of the total deaths resulting from narcotic substances, and that 40% of the methamphetamine cases (shabu) that were studied were related to violence, and accidents accounted for about 61% and suicide 21 17%, and murder is about 17%.

He said: The effects of methamphetamine use are horrific and dangerous for the individual from a psychological, medical and social point of view, as the use of such a substance leads to memory loss, aggression and psychosis, damage to the cardiovascular system and malnutrition, and severe damage to the health of the gums and teeth and also leads to stroke or bleeding. brain.

The war on drugs

This comes as the Saudi Ministry of Interior continues a strict security campaign under the slogan “War on Drugs”. Since the beginning of the month of Shawwal, Saudi Arabia has waged a war on drugs in all regions of the Kingdom, as the security authorities are working to purify the country from this dangerous scourge on society.

The security authorities called on citizens to cooperate with them, by reporting drug smuggling or promotion, by calling the following numbers: (911) Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Riyadh and Eastern Province, and (999) in the rest of Saudi Arabia, and the number of communications of the General Directorate for Drug Control (995), and via e-mail. [email protected], indicating that it will handle all reports in complete confidentiality, and called on everyone to join hands in limiting the spread of narcotic substances and raising awareness of their extreme danger to the individual and society.

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