The unified and toll-free Saudi energies customer service number

The unified and toll-free Saudi energies customer service number
The unified and toll-free Saudi energies customer service number

The unified and toll-free Saudi energies customer service number for inquiries and complaints One of the things that arouses the interest of Saudi citizens, due to the services provided by the energies platform to them that meet their needs in the labor market and provide them with appropriate opportunities according to their skills and experience. It is worth noting that this platform has emerged from the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources.

Saudi energies

The National Labor Portal “Taqat” saw the light in light of a cooperative partnership between the Ministries of Civil Service and the Ministry of Human Resources. The Human Resources Development Fund assumed the task of implementing it to launch an integrated and specialized national portal for work under the name “Taqat”. It is truly the high portal for all job seekers in Saudi Arabia, whether Whether in the public or private sector, it also opens the horizons for employers and service providers for employment purposes to offer their vacancies; And thus hiring qualified and skilled people, as you can obtain information by Customer service energies or query.

Accordingly, the National Labor Portal is a flexible environment that brings together job seekers and employee seekers at the same time, and overcomes the difficulties for everyone to be able to exchange employment and training services so that the labor force becomes more efficient and skilled, and to supply the Saudi market with expert and skilled employees. He put the unified and free Saudi TAQAT customer service number for inquiries and complaints in your hands, so that it may meet your needs if you are looking for a free TAQAT number or others.

The unified and toll-free Saudi energies customer service number for inquiries and complaints

The Ministry of Human Resources has launched several channels of communication with Customer service energies in various ways, and here are the numbers:

  • The unified Saudi energies customer service number for inquiries is free: 8001222030
  • Free WhatsApp number for TAQAT customer service: 966920020301

How to file a customer service complaint Saudi energies

In the event that the beneficiary of Saudi TAQAT services has any complaint, you can submit a complaint and submit it to the customer service team of the National Labor Portal, TAQAT, including the following:

  • Through the Contact Us tab, by following these steps:
  1. Visit the official website of the National Labor Portal, energies of Saudi Arabia here.
  2. Go to the “Contact Us” section at the bottom of the window or click here for quick access.
  3. Click on the Live Chat button to start chatting with a customer service representative.
  4. Provide detailed information about the complaint after filling in the required data.
  5. Required data: (name, mobile phone number, email address, customer type).
  6. Select the customer type from the drop-down list (student, individual, employee, employer).
  7. Then click on Start chatting and complaining.
  8. In the event that the user has special needs, communication can be done through sign language.

How to inquire about a complaint in Saudi energies

In order to be able to view the latest updates on the complaint submitted to the Saudi TAQAT customer service team, you can follow the following steps:

  • Log in to the official portal for energies work.
  • Go to the complaint status section for inquiries, which appears in the lower section of the main window of the portal.
  • You can click here to access the “complaint status” and check the status of your request?
  • Write down the ID number and ticket number given to you by the customer service employee when submitting the complaint.
  • Complete the visual verification quiz and then verify.
  • In the event that you wish to submit a new complaint, you can click on the option to create a new request.

Ways to communicate with customer service energies

There are many ways to communicate with customer service energies, and we repeat the ball to review the methods and service numbers in one space to confirm:

  • The unified and toll-free Saudi energies customer service number for inquiries: 8001222030
  • Saudi energies WhatsApp number: 966920020301
  • Taqat number for female employment: 920020301
  • Communication via social media:
  1. Taqat official Facebook account here.
  2. The official energies account via Twitter from here.

The goal of the energies program

After getting acquainted with the methods of communicating with Saudi TAQAT customer service in detail, the time has come to identify the goal of the TAQAT program for job seekers and employers alike, and the goal is as follows:

  • A trusted platform as a government to provide suitable job opportunities for those looking for it.
  • Developing graduates’ skills and enhancing competencies so that they can engage in the labor market.
  • Focusing on the weaknesses of the user and working carefully to treat them in the best way so that he becomes qualified to get a job.
  • A safe environment for job review, ensuring all safe and reliable procedures when accepting a job vacancy offer from the employer.
  • Verify the competency of the applicant for work and obligate him to some conditions that guarantee the rights of the parties.
  • Seeking to enhance the capacity of the local market in the field of work with the best competencies and capabilities that move the country forward towards development.
  • An effective way to eliminate unemployment by providing good job opportunities.
  • A link between job seekers and employers.

How to register in energies

If you are a job seeker or business owner, you can register with TAQAT as follows:

  • Go through the Internet browser to the official website of the National Labor Portal here.
  • Click on the registration icon shown in the corner of the portal.
  • Determine the capacity (job seeker or employer).
  • Fill in all the required data with extreme accuracy. In the event of inaccurate information, the application will be rejected.
  • Wait until an email arrives in your email for the purpose of activating the account and completing the steps.
  • After completing the account activation step; You can start building your profile.

Individual energy programs

The role of Saudi energies is not limited to being a window for displaying vacancies, but the Ministry has been keen to make this portal integrated in terms of providing many programs that are of great benefit and benefit to Saudi society, including the following:

  • Job search allowance

The applicant or job seeker gets financial assistance for him to start his own project and provide services, and the minimum financial aid provided is 2000 Saudi riyals, and it also prepares the user and qualifies him to engage in work, so education and training are required for this category, for more details hereor contact customer service energies Saudi Arabia.

  • Tamheer programme.
  • Professional certificates.
  • Tamheer for on-the-job training.
  • Transportation of working women “Access”.
  • Children’s guesthouse “Qura”.
  • paths.
  • Occupational safety and health cadres program.
  • Target Leadership Academy.
  • Self-employment program in directed transfer.

common questions

What is the referral system?

A distinctive system that facilitates individuals’ access to the appropriate and distinct level of support necessary to ensure that they attain eligibility for employment and fill job opportunities in the local market. This system resorts to analysis and thus facilitates communication between individuals and the government by referring them to appropriate programs for them.

What are the conditions for registering on the National Labor Portal, TAQAT?

Taqat services are available only to holders of Saudi nationality and a national number. Also, the category of foreigners included in this platform are children of Saudi women only.

What are the channels that can be used to file a complaint on the National Labor Portal?

There are many ways available to create a complaint, including calling us, the Saudi energies customer service number, or going directly to the nearest office of the Ministry of Development and Human Resources in your area.

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