Hebrew News – Unpleasant: A young man claims that Jay-Z is his father: “Justice is on my side”


Unpleasant: A young man claims that Jay-Z is his father: “Justice is on my side”

A 30-year-old man from New Jersey intends to go to the US Supreme Court to force the rapper to take a DNA test that will prove if he is indeed his father. For his part, Jay-Z chose not to comment on the case for the time being, but on his behalf it was stated: “The claims have already been disproved by the court”

What would Beyoncé say about that? Raymir Satherthwaite, a 30-year-old man from New Jersey, claims that Jay-Z is his biological father, and accuses him of exploiting the legal system and his unwillingness to cooperate in proving the allegations against him. According to an interview given by Satherthwaite, he intends to prove that there is a blood relationship between him and the legendary rapper, therefore he intends to petition the Supreme Court in the United States in order for it to force Jay-Z to conduct an examination that will prove his claim, as well as to reveal secret documents related to the affair .

Satherthwaite also claims that Jay-Z denies the claim of a biological connection between the two, and added that this is the reason why he will do everything in order for justice to be brought to light. In addition, he said that he is not interested in the money of the rapper, who is known to have been married for about 15 years to Beyonce, but only wants him to acknowledge his paternity.


“I will not stop fighting until I win – and I have no doubt that I will win because justice is on my side,” declared Satherthwaite. According to reports, his initial appeal was rejected by the country’s highest courts, as the court does not have the authority to reopen the case and reveal the documents in question. According to him, his mother Wanda had a brief affair with Carter before his big break as a rapper, an affair that ended before he was even born in 1993.

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