Mohamed Abdel Rahman: I love stand-up comedy

Mohamed Abdel Rahman: I love stand-up comedy
Mohamed Abdel Rahman: I love stand-up comedy

Cairo: Ahmed El-Rouby

The Egyptian star, Mohamed Abdel Rahman, was able to achieve great success this year through his series “Reveal Urgent”, shown on the “Watch It” platform, before the work was shown again on satellite channels in the second half of Ramadan, as he was able to top the platform’s views. , throughout the period of the series, which reflects the great reactions achieved by the success of the series.

Through the following dialogue, Abdel Rahman talks about the reactions to the series, his experience with the quality of the 15-episode series in Ramadan, and more details about his work and the competition.

  • How did you find the responses to your series “Urgent Reveal”?

– More than wonderful, the series was shown first on the “Watch It” platform, then the TV show started since the second half of Ramadan, and this makes me very happy, and I am more than happy with the audience’s reception of it, as this is certainly a delightful matter, and I hope that the audience will continue to be associated with the character. Siham Ezz Al-Rijal”, the psychiatrist who falls under the control of a criminal. And the series, Praise be to God, has topped the “Watch It” platform since it was shown to it, with the participation of the stars, Mustafa Khater, Hanadi Muhanna, Ilham Wagdy, Hana Al-Shorbaji, Izzat Zain, and guests of honor, Muhammad Lotfi, Muhammad Ali Rizk, and Laila Ezz Al-Arab, and the series is written by Ihab. Blebel, directed by Shady El Ramly.

  • Some tend to the comedy of “Al-Afia” and others to the situation.. But you are trying to combine the two, which is difficult for you?

In my work, I always like to present the stand-up comedy that I adore, because the verbal “al-efeh” is quickly lost and forgotten, but the stand-up will still exist in different generations.

  • Do you think that comedy drama is needed by the audience in Ramadan in particular?

– The audience needs different types of drama in Ramadan, to have comedies, tragedies, and action dramas in front of it, to have a bunch of genres, but I think that the audience in general prefers comedy series, especially in Ramadan, as the audience has multiple tastes, even the audience that prefers a specific genre, watching different genres. Other works depending on the mood he is going through, and his attachment to certain works, so comedy may certainly be important and the audience prefers it, but it is not only related to Ramadan, but is required at all times.

  • Do you consider that Ramadan is a race or an integration between works?

– Each of us strives, presents his work, and tries to respect the public. In the end, this competition is in the interest of the public through diversity and abundance of works, and at the same time through honest competition, that is, integration and competition.

  • Working on a platform in Ramadan offered a new idea.. Did you feel a risk in trying it?

– It is a challenge to present a 15-episode comedy work on a platform in Ramadan, but I love the challenges, and for me the author and the production company did their job to the fullest, and praise be to God, our Lord, honored us with the reactions that were certainly impressive, and it was a calculated adventure, so to speak, so we were We have confidence in what we offer, and we know very well that what matters in the end is the quality of the work, and that is what determines its success, in addition to the fact that the platforms have a very large audience.

  • Do you think that the coming years will witness the decline of television in the face of platforms?

Platforms are the development that is chasing the times, but I do not think that there is a method that will cause the extinction of another, because television did not eliminate radio or cinema, and platforms will not prevent people from watching television or going to the cinema, each medium has its own splendor, method and audience, the audience of one medium may exceed Another account, and this we have seen in more than one means, but at the same time each one of them develops and maintains its survival, through new ideas that it adds, and in the end the whole matter is in the interest of the viewer, who has multiple means in front of him, and he chooses among them the one that suits him and prefers him. .

  • Do you care about the reactions on the means of communication, and do they affect you negatively or positively?

– I follow the reactions in general, but I do not let them affect my work, and I try to use them positively, and that they affect my work in a better way, but I try not to be affected by them, and let them affect me, so that my work will not be affected, in the end I seek to develop and present what is different.

  • Did your long-term work and friendship with Mostafa Khater make your chemistry better on screen?

– Mustafa Khater and I are used to each other. Mustafa is my friend and brother. We worked together in the theater a lot, but we did not find the opportunity to meet in cinema or television, and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet together this year.

  • What’s new in the coming period?

– I am waiting for the screening of the movie “The Yellow Duck”, which is my second starring role in the cinema, and it brings me together with Ghada Adel, Mahmoud Hafez, Ibram, Professor Salah Abdullah and Sami Maghawry, and respected guests of honor, Professor Ahmed Amin, and Professor Muhammad Anwar. I do not want to forget anyone.



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