Guatemala is a great destination for lovers of history, adventure and exploration

Guatemala is a great destination for lovers of history, adventure and exploration
Guatemala is a great destination for lovers of history, adventure and exploration

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Home to some of Mesoamerica’s oldest civilizations, the historic country of Guatemala has a rich culture of a long blend of elements from Spain and the indigenous Maya people.
While many travelers come to explore its many archaeological sites, Guatemala is also known for its stunning landscapes and tourist attractions. With black sand beaches, volcanoes, and dense tree-lined forests, the visitor will be amazed at the bountiful list of places to visit in Guatemala.


The archaeological site of Tikal is probably the most important attraction to visit in Guatemala. As one of the most powerful civilizations in the Maya kingdom, Tikal dominated the region for more than 700 years, with most of the buildings dating back to the 4th century BC. Comprised of towering temples, massive royal palaces, and limestone pyramids, there are hundreds of structures to explore during a visit.

Lake Atitlan

Located in the Guatemalan highlands, the lake is a stunning showcase of natural splendor and offers plenty of things to do outdoors. Visitors can rent a boat and sail through the deepest lake in Central America, or enjoy long walks in the natural scenery. Adventure lovers can soar high above the lake and valleys by paragliding from the mountain slopes. The lake is also located near several rural villages, including San Pedro and San Juan.


Antigua Guatemala

Attractive Spanish Baroque buildings and colorful colonial churches make the mountain city of Antigua one of the most visited destinations in Guatemala. She likes shopping at the handicraft market. Also be sure to take some photos of the iconic El Arco de Santa Catarina. With cloud-shrouded mountains in the background, the site is one of the most recognizable in all of Guatemala.

Pacaya volcano

The active volcano Pacaya is one of the most amazing natural attractions in Guatemala. After 70 years of dormancy, the volcano has been erupting continuously since the early 1960s, with the largest eruption occurring in 2014. Despite the perceived danger, it remains one of the biggest tourist attractions in Guatemala. The trek to the top of the volcano takes only about two hours and offers sweeping views of the entire surrounding area.


Colorful Flores is known for its bright red roofs, narrow cobblestone streets, and beautiful colonial buildings. It’s nice to get around the whole island in just 20 to 30 minutes, although most tourists prefer to rent a bike or canoe and explore the area at their leisure.