New and recommended books that you should add to your list


Uncover and destroy a spy network

“deep sleep” By Steven Concully is a fascinating technological thriller that will make you bite your nails and keep you up all night. Debin Gray, an expert in counterintelligence and counterintelligence, finds himself in new and dangerous territory after his mother’s death. The mother, Helen Gray, a former CIA officer who had a nervous breakdown, believed she was on the verge of thwarting a nationwide conspiracy worth dying to stop. Others, including Davin, believed that she was immersed in paranoid delusions and believed the whole story by heart. Following a meeting with his mother’s colleague, a former special operations man, Davin begins to investigate the affair and discovers a wider and more treacherous conspiracy than anyone dared to imagine. Now he must uncover and destroy a hidden espionage network that has taken root under the noses of all security officials and that plans to deliver a fatal blow to the future of the United States, and at the same time avenge the death of his mother. (from English: Yoav Katz, published by Dani Books, 415 pages)

Deep sleep By Stephen Concully

What is the key to solving the mystery?

“Life is a novel” Completes the “Writers Trilogy” of Guillaume Mousseau ,Together with “The Secret Life of Writers” and“The girl and the night”. This is a dizzying thriller, which draws its power from the power of words. “Six months ago, my three-year-old daughter, Carrie Conway, disappeared while we were playing hide and seek in my apartment in Brooklyn.” This is how the story of Flora Conway, a famous writer, begins. Carrie’s disappearance is unexplained. The door and windows of the apartment were closed, the building’s cameras did not show any break-in. The police investigation turned up nothing. The resounding mystery provokes severe criticism of Flora, who insists on keeping her private life private and shrouded in mystery. At the same time, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Roman Ozorski, a writer with a broken heart, is hiding in his house in Paris – his wife has left him and is threatening to take his beloved son away from him. Roman is the only one who holds the key to solving Flora’s mystery, and their fates are closely linked. (From French: Shay Sendik, Kinneret Zamora Publishing, 192 pages)

Life is a novel by Guillaume Musso

A look at the countermeasures of the Shin Bet

“thwarted” By Yizhar David (Bestselling author “Ticking bomb”) It is a fascinating action thriller about those who put themselves at risk every day to save our lives, and about the high price, usually muted, that they and their families pay. The book is based on a true and dramatic story that took place when Yazhar was a field and operations manager in the Shin Bet and the stories allow a glimpse into the countermeasures activities of the Shin Bet. In the book, he recounts the unfolding of one of the most dramatic operations he was a part of. In January 2001, the peak of the events of the second, deadly and bloody intifada. Alon, an accomplished Shin Bet coordinator, is overcome with guilt for an attack he failed to prevent. He decides to go on a revenge mission against the terrorists and to carry out his plan he must recruit a spy who is the flesh of the Palestinian terrorist operatives. He finds the perfect candidate: Malek al-Qudsi, The confidant of the head of the Tanzim in Tul Kerem. The relationship that will be forged between them is about to shake his life, and not just them. At home, Alon’s wife Neta is waiting for him, who is already used to sharing her life with a man who has two identities: a warm and loving husband and a workaholic shenanigan. But precisely now, when they are embracing their first daughter, the man she married is disappearing. His place is taken by a stranger, present-absent, deceptive and aggressive. She is afraid in her own house. (Kinneret Zamora Publishing House, 264 pages)

thwarted | By Yizhar David

When the personal and the national meet

“The place where it all began” By Adela Pilovsky It is a charming and moving, creative, intense and colorful novel that unfolds before the readers a vast and successful cultural world in order to elaborate on the most delicate veins of the soul. Adela connects with the hand of an artist between the private fate of her protagonists and the national, Jewish and Israeli fate and reflects the painful irony that occurs when the personal and the national meet. Clara Wainwright, pianist, daughter of a Holocaust survivor, grew up in the shadow of a tragedy that occurred in her family during the Yom Kippur War and affected the atmosphere at home and her parents’ relationship with her. She comes to the middle of her life and admits to disappointments both because of the pianist’s career that did not take off as she expected and because of her failures in her relationship, until the thing that changes everything happens. After her mother’s death, she receives a diary that reveals a secret that happened many years before she was born and that shakes her whole world. She begins to understand that she cannot move on with her life until she gets to the bottom of this secret. She leaves her home in Tel Aviv and leaves her students behind and sets out to search for the truth in Tsila, the land of origin of her family members. There she realizes that this is the place where it all began and in her search she almost loses her life. In Chile she gets the opportunity to pour new content into her life. (Published by Ipblish, 251 pages)

The place where it all began by Adela Filovsky

A shocking and shocking secret

“The Winter Garden” By Christine Hanna It is a gripping and heartbreaking story about the complex relationship between mothers and daughters and the ongoing connections between past and present. The book is amazing for drawing an intimate portrait of a family against the background of one of the most difficult periods in the twentieth century. Sisters Meredith and Nina Whitson are very different from each other. Meredith, the good girl who follows suit, married at a young age and was left to manage the family apple orchard. Whereas the rebellious and restless Nina wanders war zones around the world in her work as a photojournalist. When their beloved father falls asleep, the two find themselves together again, next to the cold and estranged Iman who never showed any emotion towards them in their childhood, the only connection between them and Iman Anya was through the fairy tales she used to tell them before bed. On his deathbed, their father extracts a promise from the three women in his life: the last legend, the one that Anya never agreed to tell until the end, will be told for the last time, but this time in full. Reluctantly, Anya unfolds to her daughters a decades-old love story, ranging from frozen and famine-stricken Leningrad during World War II to present-day Alaska. Her story sends the sisters on a journey that ends with a shocking secret that shakes the foundations of the entire family. (from English: Nitzan Lapidot, Moden Publishing, 352 pages)

The winter garden By Christine Hanna

The Destroying Princess


“The Destroying Princess” that she wrote Nancy Krulik It is a wonderful series for early reading. In the first book in the seriesMelted cheese and dragons“You are invited to meet the destructive princess who prefers to wear armor than to wear a crown on her head. Princess Harmony prefers to be called Princess Tornade, because she likes to rage and destroy like a tornado. She doesn’t want to be a princess at all – she wants to be a knight. But first she has to go on a journey of generosity and courage to prove that she deserves to join the school of knights in the second book in the series “From the trash to the fear” The princess continues her journey to become a knight and this time she stumbles upon the kingdom of Noa Salmi, where everyone is sad after an evil sorcerer has kidnapped the court jester. Will the princess, with the help of her friends Lucas the knight and Zerzef the dragon, succeed in defeating the sorcerer, freeing the clown and returning the smiles to Noah Salmi? (Illustrations: Ben Balisteri, from English: Hagai Barkat, published by Dani Books, 128/123 pages)

The Destroying Princess – Melted Cheese and Dragons By Nancy Krulik

Memoirs of Muminaba

The Finnish writer Tova Janson In the Moomin series, she created an exciting and humane world, free and wild. Her unforgettable characters and beautiful illustrations have placed her works in the forefront of children’s and youth literature worldwide. the book “Memoirs of Mominaba”, for the beginning of reading, has now been released in a new and faithful translation to the original. While Moominbaba was a curious little Moomintroll, he was also a big adventurer. Therefore, when he catches a summer cold and is forced to lie in bed, Mominama suggests that he write his memories in a large notebook. That way Moomintrol and his friends will be able to read them and discover many surprises, for example: Where did Moominaba know Snupkin’s father? When did Sanif’s parents meet? How did Moominaba save a mysterious figure from the terrifying Grok? And how did he know little May? Yes, he might exaggerate a bit, but you have to exaggerate a bit for a story to be exciting, don’t you? (From Swedish: Dana Caspi, Keter Publishing, 203 pages, dotted)

The Mu’min family, the memories of Mu’minaba By Tova Janson

A love song to Paris

“Rhyming Trip in Paris” By Yossi Nachmani (Architect and Urban Planner) is a charming and enjoyable book, a wonderful gift book, which is all a love song to Paris – a kind of guide in rhymes for a traveler in the city. The book contains a series of paragraphs, each describing a special site in Paris – new, old and even ancient, most of them well-known, some less famous. All of them are presented with a special view that characterizes evidence in terms of architecture as well as history. There are several sites in the book that, despite their uniqueness, are almost unknown to the public, for example the “Paiva House” on the Champs Elysees or the “Glass House” in the Left Bank and others about which the author also provides interesting information that is unknown, for example – in the basement of the Opera building, a spring still flows!. In the book there are also “landscapes” that deal with various topics – not necessarily those that are directly related to Paris, and they give historical background to various places and sites, for example ancient Egypt which Napoleon visited on his journey to the Middle East at the head of his army. The entire book is written in simple and precise rhymes both in terms of the content and in the context of the Hebrew language which gives another interesting touch to this special book. The book includes the spectacular illustrations of the artist Liora Keren-Nahmani. Together, as the lovers of the city of Paris, they convey their love to the city. (Niv Books Publishing House, 122 pages)

Rhyming trip in Paris By Yossi Nachami

About survival and love without limits

To the house on Hasport Street” By Shushi Danjali Khandanian Published by “Niv Books”, it is a biographical novel – moving and fascinating, whose plot begins in Italy and ends in Israel. The first part tells the story of the survival of two Jewish families in Italy, one from Venice and the other from Livorno, both active Jewish communities. The fleeing of the Jews during the Holocaust is accompanied by feelings of betrayal, hunger and terror, alongside human values ​​and the love of man that are revealed in Christian families that give them shelter. In the days of hell, the power of Jewish women who steer their families to survival and personal development is revealed. The love story of Licha and him, the representatives of the two families, is told through letters and they form the transition to the second part of the book describing their immigration to Israel and their acclimatization on Sport Street in Haifa. The Zionist choice to contribute to the establishment of the young state was initially seen as a great adventure: the young couple dreamed of being able to raise their three children strong and free, but the pride of belonging to the young woman’s homeland does not dull the longing for Italy: because here the Hebrew is creaky, there is no refrigerator or washing machine, every pound counts And the house is cold. The margins of the austerity period gave their signals. Licha’s soul wanders between the two homelands. until the coming of the great rift. This is a story of survival and boundless love, of compassion and forgiveness. (Spri Niv publishing house, 245 pages)

To the house on HaSport Street | By Shushi D’Angeli Khandanian

Songs, longings and journeys

“Baby of Darkness” By Nahi Weiss Reflects a creative and fascinating life journey of Nachi through diverse stations, muses and different figures in his world through poetry, musings, documents and photographed journeys. The book includes six chapters dealing with journeys, love, holiness, mystery, muse and creativity. This is a concept book that moves between the holy and the profane, passion and great loves in their transformations and Talmudic language alongside local slang. In his writings, the author creates an integration between different worlds: Jewish and universal, religious and secular, Israeli and European, against the background of religious dilemmas of the young people of our generation and a persistent search for questions of identity, roots and faith against the background of the loosening of conservative institutions. Nachi Weiss moves between all parts of his personality to crack something and find devotion, transcendence, creation. To open up to the end and touch infinity. He needed the fire to feel alive, the adventures to develop and the crises to overcome them and win these victories. The subjects of Nachi Weiss’s writing deal with God, contemplation, love and temporality. The spirit in his poems carries a longing for harmony, for love and devotion, and in the process for a bohemian past, for his favorite European countries, for romantic cities, for Jewish verses, for statues and rivers. His poems give a new look at the details around us and reawaken the heart, sometimes with a kiss sometimes with a stab. (Spri Niv publishing house, 390 pages)

Baby of the Dark | by Nachi Weiss

By: Zohar Noi