Crowded in the ear: listen to the Hebrew songs chosen by Meir Fenigstein

Crowded in the ear: listen to the Hebrew songs chosen by Meir Fenigstein
Crowded in the ear: listen to the Hebrew songs chosen by Meir Fenigstein

Meir (Foggy) Fenigstein got his nickname from playing the character of Foggy in the transition sections of the Beehive band during its performances. Now that he is signed as a founder and producer of the Israeli Film Festival in Los Angeles (and now also in New York and Miami), we were happy that he accepted our request to edit his favorite Hebrew songs, and the result is wonderful.

During his military service, Fenigstein was accepted into the Nahal band and there the character of Foggy was born, which was an imitation of a conductor with an Argentinian accent who invited the band on stage. In the band, he met Danny Sanderson, Alon Olarchik, Gidi Gov and Ephraim Shamir, who together with him founded the Kvoret band after they were released, when the final lineup of the band was joined by Yitzhak Klefter and Yoni Rechter.

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band’s breakthrough into consciousness and the Hive’s debut album – ‘Foggy Stories’. About a year later, the band represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘I gave her my life’ which was included in their second album that was released that year, ‘Foggy in Pita’. In 1975, the last album of Hive was released – ‘Dense in the ear’. The band left a huge mark on Hebrew music and the group’s huge hits ‘Yo Ye’, ‘Yeld Mazdakan’, ‘She is so beautiful’, ‘Baruch’s Boots’, ‘Goliath’, ‘Little Medina’, ‘Grocery Song’ and others, burn until Today the airwaves.


‘Beehive’ ceased to operate in 1976, but reunited many times. From 1984 to 2013 it reunited five times and Fenigstein took part in all of them. In 1983, Fenigstein founded the Israeli Film Festival in Boston. A few years later the festival moved to Los Angeles, and today it is spread not only to Los Angeles but also to New York and Miami. Today the festival serves as one of the largest events of Israeli culture in the US. The festival, of which Fenigstein is the CEO and head, shows Israel’s cultural and social diversity and brings together the Israeli film and television industry with the global one.


As part of the project ‘Artists Editing Shabbat Hebrew’, exclusive to 103fm digital, Fenigstein chose the Hebrew songs that accompany him with love all these years. Mati Caspi, the High Windows, the Nahal Band, Miri Aloni, Eric Einstein, Shalom Hanoch and of course, some of the artists you can meet in the edit. Enjoy listening.

The list of songs:

The participants of the 16th lamb – how a song was born
Eric Einstein – What do the doe do?
The Nahal Band – Carnival in the Nahal
Beehive – Yo Ye
David Broza and Yael Levy – Bedouin love song
Beehive – an aging child
The Nahal band – the evils
The high windows – a melancholy singer
Targeted sound – Targeted sound
Mati Caspi – How is it that a star
The Nahal Band – Peace
Miri Aloni – Ballad about Hadova and Shlomik
Gesher Yarkon trio – the love of the construction workers
The Nahal Band – Hora Hazazut
Beehive – Meir Valon
Dori Ben Zeev – and you dance
Ephraim Shamir – Evening of a bright day
Yitzhak Clifter – Free imagination
Hello Hanoch – waiting to continue
Alon Olarchik – a new guy came to the neighborhood
Zohar Argov – the flower in my garden
The uncles – an evening of roses
Yossi Banai – 20 year old love
Shoshana Damari and Beaz Sharabi – to sing with you
Danny Sanderson and Mazie Cohen – this is all for you
Gidi Gov – Let’s stay
Beehive – ballad about Ari and Darci



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