A famous Arab artist causing a sensation in the art scene! North Ambassador



A famous Arab artist causing a sensation in the art scene!






The star, Hana Nassour, caused a sensation with her recent statements, which attributed the reason for her absence from the artistic scene to not giving her an opportunity to present work by directors and producers.

During her hosting of the “Al-Mukhtar” program, she expressed her feeling of being let down by the artistic community, because it did not do justice to her or her dreams, wondering why directors such as Rasha Sharbatji, Al-Laith Hajjo, and Saif Al-Din Subai’i did not offer her a job opportunity, even though they are friends and brought together many works.

She emphasized that her distance from art causes her many psychological problems, which made her take sedative pills, and occupy herself in every dramatic season, either with travel or with any other work, to escape from her sad feeling to avoid pain and heartbreak, as she put it.


Nassour said, “My relations with my fellow artists within the community caused me a great shock, as I was very spontaneous with them and acted as I was, except that I faced many problems, and for this reason I am today more calm and reserved.”

She also talked about her sacrifices to become an artist, and her mother challenged her to enter the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, which prompted her to boycott her throughout her studies at the institute, while she received great support from her father.

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