Paul Suleiman, from engineering to acting


Paul Suleiman is a Lebanese actor, born in Amchit in 1951. He grasps art from all sides, and he excels in more than one artistic subject, from interior architecture to drawing, theatrical acting, and acting in soap operas. Although he is not seen in major roles in soap operas, he is creative and captivating by performing his roles, and he is one of the pillars of the Rahbani Theater.

his life and artistic career

Paul Sleiman is an educated actor. He studied interior engineering and graduated from it and taught for nearly 37 years at the Lebanese University and the Jesuit University. He worked in the field of engineering by creating designs for more than 30 dental clinics, which he developed according to his own vision, and dozens of kitchens to which he added his artistic touches. In addition to his work in engineering, Paul Suleiman is an accomplished painter and close to people. He organizes various exhibitions, the last of which was in 2022, when he presented paintings under the title “The Beginning and the End” in a philosophical and existential context.

His work in the theatre

Actor Paul Suleiman worked with Al-Rahbaneh in several plays, including “Malouk Al-Taifa” and “Al-Mutanabbi”, where he gained an audio and physical wealth through performance and topics that deal with the homeland through the times. “Malouk Al-Taifa” is a Lebanese musical play written and composed by Mansour Al-Rahbani and directed by Marwan Al-Rahbani. Elias Al-Rahbani and Osama Al-Rahbani participated in its composition. The play was shown in 2003 for eight months, starring Ghassan Saliba and Carole Samaha, and it was re-presented in 2019 at the Carthage International Festival. The events of the play take place in Andalusia, and it deals with the era in which small states emerged that fought among themselves over the ruins of the Umayyad state in Spain. It is based on a love story between the King of Seville, Al-Mu’tamid ibn Abbad, and Itimad Al-Rumaikiya, who was the maid of the palace and then became his mistress.

Paul Suleiman played the role of Ibn Ammar, the minister of Al-Mu’tamid Ibn Abbad. It is a complex personality because it cuts through several cases, and its character is not well known, as it appears at times keen on the king, and at other times it shows the character of al-Maslaji, and the minister moves in this character from a state of anticipation to a state of malice, interest, hatred, and finally failure.

Actor Paul Suleiman has more than 200 roles for various characters in the play “Al-Mutanabi”. Paul Suleiman also played the character of Fatik Al-Asadi, who killed Al-Mutanabbi, because Al-Mutanabbi wrote a satirical poem in which he satirized Fatik’s niece.


Regardless of the type of roles assigned to Paul Suleiman, we can say that he is a convincing actor in how he performs the roles. The detective role in which he played in the series “Maryana”, which was starred by actress Carole Al-Hajj, was a brilliant role in his ability to explain events in a logical sequence and then reach the truth. He appeared in several episodes to add charm to this series, which met with great success.


Likewise, his role as agent “Jesse” in the American Sheikha. Paul Suleiman is a brilliant actor in every sense of the word, and he is a Christian believer who played roles in the series The Life of St. Rita. He also played several religious roles, and the role of a monk and a sheikh in one movie. He played the role of a criminal and a madman, and he was able to reconcile a large number of characters.

In 2005, he participated in “The Last Scene” alongside the actors Ghassan Estefan, Bernadette Hodeib and Ammar Shalak.

In 2021, he participated in the fifth part of the prestige series, “Al-Haiba Jabal”, and he was part of the network of traitors, from which Jabal begins to take the most severe revenge, which causes the character of Selim, the character played by Paul Suleiman, the most fear and terror.


his private life

Actor Paul Suleiman is married to Mrs. Jenny Andari, and he is the father of three girls. She shares his hobby of drawing, and participates in exhibitions with him.