Johnny Depp’s teeth are disgusting and disgusting to the public. Big rot!! – With evidence – Al Arrab – The Godfather


The international Hollywood actor and star, Johnny Depp, disgusted the audience and the pioneers of social networking sites because of his revealing of the teeth.

In the details, international actor Johnny Depp faced a barrage of criticism because of the shape and color of his teeth, describing them as “dirty”, while attending the 76th Cannes Film Festival.

Followers interacted greatly with Depp’s photos on the media, as his teeth appeared in a dark color, after the photographers’ cameras flashed on his face.

One of them wrote: “A petition should be launched for Johnny to get new teeth,” and one of them expressed her disgust, commenting: “This is so disgusting.”

Some fans on Twitter expressed their disgust at Depp’s teeth, and others said, mocking Johnny Depp, that the actor looked like he “ate a bag of coal.”

In this context, the famous dentist “Abba” indicated that the star suffers from a state of tooth erosion, which had a cumulative effect over his life, explaining that Depp’s passion for drinking espresso and cigars are responsible for the darkening of his teeth, as it seems that he has not cleaned them for years.

Deeb had previously addressed the issue of his smile in one of the old interviews, in which he expressed his pride in the shape of his teeth.

He continued, “It is as if the Indians make something embroidered, they always put defects in it. I am proud of these things.”

Here are Johnny Depp’s disgusting teeth

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On the other hand, the Cannes Festival audience apologized to Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, after what they did to him in his case against Amber Heard.


Johnny Depp at the Cannes Festival

In the details, the American star Johnny Depp apparently regained the luster of fame, as he was seen taking pictures with his fans and leaving his signature on them before the premiere of his movie (John de Barry) at the opening of the “Cannes” Film Festival, in his first major roles since his trial in the case Defamation attracted attention.

Depp’s fans in the French city on the Riviera held banners reading “Congratulations, Johnny” and “We’re sorry.”

The “Cannes” festival did not break its promise as usual every year, and its opening witnessed the emergence of a large group of stars such as Mads Mikkelsen and John K. Riley and Helen Mirren, who dyed her hair blue.

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Depp plays in the movie (John de Barry) the role of the French King Louis XV. The film is directed by Maywen Le Bisco, known as Maywen, in which she also plays the role of Du Barry, the concubine of the French king, who climbs the social ladder and becomes his favourite.

Critics highlighted the attractiveness of the film, which received funding from the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation in Saudi Arabia within a total budget of about $22.4 million, but said the film lacked rhythm.

The French-language film, which has yet to be released in North America, marks the beginning of the return of Depp, the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, who has appeared in a handful of films and television since his trial ended in July 2022.

An American jury awarded Depp an almost complete victory in the defamation battle he fought with his ex-wife, actress Amber Hurd, and awarded him compensation of more than ten million dollars.