Tight security measures keep pace with the Cannes Film Festival


Tight security measures accompany the Cannes Film Festival again, as about 1,000 police, gendarmerie and private security companies deploy to prevent everything that might disturb the peace of the 76th session, which is feared to be permeated by “gatherings of people” against the background of social tensions.

In light of a charged social atmosphere, with unions threatening to cut off electricity for some major events, the person responsible for coordinating security, Jean-Claude Jeune, says: “Special attention will be paid to any gatherings that may take place.” He continues: “All preparations have taken place, whether by land, sea or air. Not to record any incident that might disturb the peace of the festival.

In addition to police elements from the Public Security Directorate and the Gendarmerie, four security companies were hired, and “about 200 Cannes municipal police officers, which includes a unit for trail dogs, an equestrian brigade, and motorcyclists present day and night,” according to what the Cannes municipality explains.

During the days of the festival, anti-intrusion gates and columns will be installed in the most sensitive areas, which are “operated and controlled” by the Municipal Police Civil Protection Center, which includes 833 video surveillance cameras, one for every 88 people, making it the most dense network in France, according to the municipality. .


As for the area that will be subject to the greatest degree of security, it is the vicinity of the Palace of Festivals and Conferences, where cinematic works will be shown.

In addition to the temporary flight ban, air surveillance will be strengthened with helicopters, planes, and anti-drone systems, allowing the gendarmerie and police to control these “drones” and return them to their base.

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