“He who returns to God, his soul returns to him!” (a witness)


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homeland- Moroccan actress Maryam Hussein underwent an exciting photo session, the day after she appeared in the Fassi style caftan.

“greatest glory”

Maryam Hussein wore a short black dress, and sat in one of the pictures in a way that revealed her thighs in a scandalous way.

The way Maryam Hussein sat revealed a lot

Maryam Hussein commented on the pictures: “Our greatest glory is not in falling at all, but rather in rising every time we fall.”

Through the Al-Story feature, Maryam published a clipping that reads: “Whoever returns to God, his soul returns to him.”

“Maryam’s Paradox”

This was ridiculed by her followers, who described the Moroccan artist as contradictory between her words, her actions, and her bold clothes.


Maryam Hussein’s contradiction was previously evident when she performed Umrah rituals last Ramadan, accompanied by her daughter, the princess, and then published bold pictures on the same day.

At that time, Maryam published a set of photos through her account on “Instagram” during her performance of Umrah, where she appeared in the final bowl, showing herself while she was in a state of reverence by wearing the white veil in front of the Holy Kaaba.

Maryam Hussein also published a picture of her holding her daughter, “the princess”, who also performed Umrah with her.

Maryam Hussein wrote, commenting on her performance of Umrah: “Praise be to God, and finally one of the year 2023 has been achieved, which is that I am performing Umrah with my daughter, the princess, so I redeemed her, and thank God, she has become.”

sexy video

And not a few hours after announcing the performance of Umrah, Maryam Hussein published an exciting video clip of her via the Al-Astori feature on “Instagram”.

Maryam Hussein appeared in the short video, celebrating the advent of Eid Al-Fitr by wearing a bare-shoulder outfit, and hot shorts that far exceeded the knee.

Maryam Hussein also published pictures of her while relaxing in one of the swimming pools, without showing herself and explaining whether she wore a swimsuit or not!

The Moroccan artist also changed her personal image on her account via “Instagram”, to a bolder image after the end of Ramadan.

Maryam Hussein appeared in the new account image, with wet hair and bare shoulders, leaving little to the viewer’s imagination.