Bin Bakhit comments on the advice of the preacher “Ayed Al-Qarni” regarding limiting happiness to worship and solitude with the beneficial book


Al-Marsad Newspaper: The writer, Abdullah bin Bakhit, commented on the advice of Sheikh Ayed Al-Qarni, in which he said, “Oh, my children, your uncle’s will is in God. After an experience, we searched for happiness in travels, events, weddings, and festivals. I found it only in worship and solitude with the beneficial and beneficial book.”

Advice and contradiction

“Bin Bakhit” said in his article entitled “Advice to Sheikh Ayed Al-Qarni”, published in the “Okaz” newspaper;”The first thing that will come to your mind: How do you advise a person who is considered one of the largest producers of advice in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries? You may see a contradiction in this title, however. This contradiction is one of the necessities of this article, as you will see shortly.

Events and weddings

He pointed out: In a tweet, the Sheikh gave advice worth contemplating. This is its text: “O my children, your uncle’s will in God, after an experiment, we searched for happiness in travels, occasions, weddings, and festivals, and I found it only in worship and solitude with useful and beneficial books, as the emperor of poets Al-Mutanabbi said:

The dearest place in the world is a swimming saddle

And the best companion in time is a book.” The tweet ended.

Fun and happy life


And he continued: “There is no doubt that there is happiness in worship among the believers, but I do not know what happiness will be brought by being alone with the Book in exchange for abandoning fun and a happy life,” pointing out: Every minute that the Lord has granted us we have to live and enjoy. It is our duty, as equals, to seek happiness in everything that God has permitted. True living is only achieved through companionship, travel, roaming, attending parties, and enjoying music. A person does not finish life until life ends. What is the use of reading if we do not communicate with people and share our experiences, readings and opinions with them?

Knowledge and awareness

And he added, “Reading is a participatory process, and it is not the only source of knowledge and awareness. Traveling, accompanying people, attending events, and always staying connected to everything is perhaps more useful and more important than reading books. I feel that the sheikh is shocked. How did the most beautiful days of our generation pass when they were deprived of happiness and we began to intrude?” On the happiness of others in every country our money reaches. The young man among us would lie on his bed, not obsessed with beauty, music, the girl next door, or the jokes of friends. All his obsessions revolved around the brave bald man who would break his bones and how he would scream at the sound of the slippers of those who buried him. He would go from one gloom to another until he fell asleep It is dealt with by terrifying dreams, nightmares, and the frightening muffled hum that shakes the humps of the Salafi tombs.

new generations

He continued: “Today, it is not fair to advise our children and new generations to stay away from the pleasures of life and to lock them up in solitude with a book. The word reading has no meaning. The readings vary and conflict. Some of them broaden your perceptions, some of them make you happy, and some of them may push you to blow yourself up in others.”

Prisons and cemeteries

And he concluded: “I do not know, in fact, what books the sheikh advises to read. If he meant by these books that line up behind him in the picture attached to the tweet, their hugeness, appearance, decorations, and bindings confirm that they are the same books that were read to us for forty years. We heard them at night, during the day. In schools, in mosques, in breaks, in remembrance circles, in summer centers, in Quran memorization centers, on radio, on television, in hospitals, in prisons, in cemeteries, at weddings, and in funerals. Other than that, forty years are being recited to us, and we did not even learn from them to fit a screw into a nut.”