Dozens of people were killed in an attack on several towns in northern Burkina Faso


The number of civilian casualties in Burkina Faso has risen to 40, within one week, after at least 20 people were killed Thursday in an attack on several villages in the north of the country, according to residents and a security source.

At least 20 people were killed Thursday in an attack on several villages in the north of the country Burkina FasoAccording to the residents of these villages and a security source. This brings the death toll to forty civilians in several attacks in the north and central east of this country, with the continuation of jihadist violence.

“Yesterday (Thursday), at around 5:00 (local time and GMT), armed groups launched an attack on the villages of Beli, Zana and Nunguviri” in Yatinga district (north), a resident said.

“At least 25 people have been killed, most of them in Nunguviri, and several others have been injured,” he added.

A security source confirmed this attack, pointing out that “about twenty people were killed.” The source said combing operations are still ongoing.

Another person residing in these villages said, “The attackers, who came on motorbikes, were chased by volunteers (civilians assisting the army) and soldiers.”

Likewise, another security source indicated that “they were pursued, accompanied by air support, after they took refuge in Barga forest. A number of them were killed.”

“Women and Children”

On Wednesday, the Kolbelogo district (central east) was targeted, 400 kilometers to the south, on the borders with Ghana and Togo.


A local official said that “armed groups entered (Wednesday) in Belgemduri,” a village in the Sanga district, pointing to “ten dead.”


He confirmed that two days ago, “another terrorist incursion into the nearby village of Kaungu killed at least 11 people, including women and children.”

Security sources confirmed the two attacks, noting that “security operations are underway in the area,” without providing details about the outcome of the two incursions.

Residents of Sangha also confirmed the two attacks, noting that “desperate residents are trying to flee their areas for fear of new attacks.”

They reported that armed groups had called on the residents of Sodogi, another district in the province, to “evacuate several villages, at risk of reprisals in the following days.”

It is reported that since 2015, Burkina Faso, which was the scene of two military coups last year, has been witnessing a spiral of jihadist violence that first appeared in neighboring Mali and Niger and extended beyond their borders.

About twenty people were killed Monday and Wednesday in two supposed jihadist attacks, 400 km south in the central-eastern region at the borders with Togo and Ghana.

Seven years of violence left more than ten thousand civilians and soldiers dead, according to non-governmental organizations, and forced more than two million people to flee.

France 24/AFP