How much did a check signed by Steve Jobs sell for?


Steve Jobs (photo by Matthew Yohe,

An Apple check signed by CEO Steve Jobs sold for $106,985 at an auction held by RR Auction.

The check was written and signed by Jobs in 1976 and was made out to Crampton, Remke, & Miller, INC, a consulting firm that offered its services to technology companies in Northern California, including Apple.

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Steve Jobs’ check is special because it uses the first address where Apple was located – 770 Welch Rd., Ste. 154, Palo Alto. This was the service address Jobs and Wozniak used while working out of Jobs’ family garage.

RR’s VP of Auctions, Bobby Livingston, said old checks like this one are in demand because “not only do they tell the story of the founding of Apple, they’re signed with a perfect example of Steve Jobs’ signature,” plus he says they “Assuaging collectors’ concerns about the authenticity of Steve Jobs’ signature. ”


Another old check signed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sold at auction in 2022 for $164,000.


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