I will leave my caravan to the desert

I will leave my caravan to the desert
I will leave my caravan to the desert

Written by Mohamed Abdel Rahman

Saturday, May 20, 2023 03:00 AM

It was recently published by the Egyptian General Book Organization, headed by Dr. Ahmed Bahey El-Din, as part of a series of new writings, a classical poetry collection entitled “I Leave My Caravan for the Desert” by the poet Essam Samy Nagy.

The book includes nearly 40 different poems, among them: “Hymns of Stories, Homeland, History and Night, At the Beginning of Questions, The Blind Morning, The Sinful Shackle, Will Other Than God Save Us, In Vain Trying, The Flock of Sorrows, What Should I Say, Colors of Shame, The Banquet Table, On the sidewalks of departure, come so that we may complete our story, the near hope, pure slander, wait, the crying festival, without shame, submission, the conspiracy.

In the poem Mirage of Sorrows in the Diwan, the poet says:

Let us raise the flags of glory

To get over this tragedy

To give to our bereaved nation

From our blood pulse and life

The past is still sun

And the present is pain and silliness

And the stormy wind is restless


And my ribs protect the niche


And the flag in my palm pulse

The banner of dawn is life

O people, advise me in my matter

Valbaghi ​​may open his mouth

Who carries a pickaxe?

to break those idols

And liberates the whisper of a sparrow

And chases a flock of crows

The bloody night robbed me

Between the lines of sorrows.

Essam Sami Nagy, a poet who obtained a BA in Literature from the History Department of Ain Shams University, a member of the Writers’ Union, and a member of the Association of Songwriters and Songwriters. He has previously published Songs of Love and Freedom, Margins from the Time of Exile, Witness to My Tragedy, and Midnight Cairo, all masks have fallen. .