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Posted on: Saturday, May 13, 2023 – 3:54 AM | Last updated: Saturday 13 May 2023 – 3:54 AM

Al-Shorouk continues to present its suggestions to the readers in the read book; On the pages of the cultural supplement of the newspaper and the website.

Here are the new week’s nominations.

Chinese Pride – Khairy Beshara
Dar Al Shorouk – 2023

An exciting novel whose events take place in a different environment that the Arab narrative has not approached before. It provides the reader with a rare opportunity to cross between two cultures, and reveals a new face to its author, creative film director Khairi Bishara, who ventures here to use a new medium, completing his experiences of discovery and artistic play.
The events revolve around the story of “Kong Young”, who moves in the thirties of the last century from a small village in China until he arrives in Egypt, fleeing hunger and poverty after losing his beloved, who fell victim to a gang of corrupt and evil people. In Egypt, he begins a journey of self-realization and social ascension with the hope of returning for revenge. , defying many circumstances.

And you are the reason, Yaba – Nawara Negm
Karma House – 2023

“My father and his memories were never forgotten from my mind. He was not a memory of a day. He was always present.”
“I will only tell my story (his story) through a camera fixed in the pupil of the eye of a child, then a teenager, then a young woman who lived in the shadow of an exceptional person on the creative and human levels, going through events that she did not understand some of, and was normalized with most of them considering that this is the nature of things, then it became clear when she matured that it is not Likewise, and that there is a human experience that deserves to be narrated, even if it seems normal.



I am mentally ill – Wafaa Shalaby
Dar Al Shorouk – 2020

The author succeeded in conveying a message to the reader through the genius of narration, and through daily notes she wrote at home, in a cafe, in the clinic, or in transportation. Very personal to his condition away from the prevailing stereotypical societal generalizations. Thank you, Wafaa, for these light, gentle, deep tweets that incite awareness and thinking outside the prevailing and rigid scientific text.
(Dr. Muhammad Al-Mahdi – Professor of Psychiatry)

♦ “A reading of the Egyptian mind” – Ahmed Okasha
Karma House – 2022

The book deals with the following:
• A psychological reading of the Egyptian personality
• Building the Egyptian man
• The leader’s relationship with the seat of power
• A psychological vision of the policy of the former regime
• Psychological composition of the Brotherhood
• Is extremism a pathological phenomenon?
• On the psychology of the prisoner and the jailer
• Facing moral chaos
• Are most creators mentally ill?



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